Leatherman Tool

Leatherman tool group of Portland manufacture and market LED flashlights, multi tools and knives. In 1983 Timothy S. Leatherman and Steve Berliner, the business partner formed the Leatherman tool group. Leatherman tool group headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon. Portland being a special country makes Leatherman tool group a very special company. Leatherman tool group is a company of spelunkers, hunters, fishing fanatics, campers, skiers, mountain bikers, snow shoers, boaters and for those who like to do anything that is fun outside.

From the very beginning the philosophy of Leatherman tool group is to increase value, manufacture products on time, to provide a pleasant work environment and to meet specifications. The company is totally dedicated to quality. Since 1983 Leatherman tool group has been manufacturing tools that endure just about anything. The core values of Leatherman tool group do not hang on a wall or are pointed at when they have visitors. Core values of Leatherman were created by, for and with there users and employees who are the soul and heart of everything they do.

Leatherman tool group core values are
1.They thrill there customers with service, quality and products.
2.They care about everyone’s well being.
3.They challenge each other, share ideas and do the right thing.
4.They grow from there failures, show humility and respect each other.
5.They work towards the development of individuals so as to reach there highest potential.

Figures and facts about Leatherman tool group
1.Number of products manufactured are 46.
2.Number of employees associated are 380.
3.Number of countries where Leatherman sells its products are 82.
4.Percentage of its domestic market share is 55%.
5.Number of processes a Leatherman tool has to go through during manufacture are 300.

The management team of Leatherman tool group includes
1.Norm Henry.
2.Mindy Harter.
3.Rakesh Sridharan.
4.Tommy Santrock.
5.Benjamin Rivera.
6.Roger Bjorklund.

Leatherman tool group retail store is located just about a few minutes from there manufacturing facility at Cascade Station. Store is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Quality innovation is the foundation of Leatherman tool group. Today a lot of companies are bringing new ideas and products to market every now and then, but how long to they last? At Leatherman tool group the founder stamps his name on each and every product and so quality and integrity are a must for them. Leatherman tool group is the place for you if you are looking for a company that offers a new phase of expansion, stability and long-term growth. The employees at Leatherman tool group embody the core values such as integrity, quality and innovation.
Products manufactured at Leatherman tool group are
1.Wire cutters.
4.Wire crimper.
5.Wire stripper.
7.Bit driver.
9.Can opener.
10.Bottle opener.
11.Fixed screwdrivers.

Leatherman tool group has a 25-year warranty for tools and a 10-year warranty for lights.